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Intense Bilateral Foot Pain 24/7

Posted by Shar P. on 5/28/02 at 19:30 (085516)

I've been suffering intense foot pain since 11/98. Pain in feet & fibromyalgia began with flare of previously unknown HCV infection. Underwent 47 wks. INF therapy. Am HCV tested every 6 mo. & have been HCV remission since 3/99. INF unleased MCTD (Lupis/SD/Sjogren's) and Raynaud's. I am RA positive. Have unexplained much elevated C-Reactive protein & WBC. Pain is 24/7, & does NOT depend on time of day. Walking of only a short distance intensifies the sharp, burning pain. Feels like I'm walking on hot, broken glass. Pain is not only surface but deep into my feet & toes. Orthotics created more pain. Pain also increases with either high temps. (I live in Arizona) or when the Raynaud's acts up. Sometimes I develop herpes like blisters on plantar surface, and I've developed a soft tissue lump well below area one gets a Haglund's deformity, about 1/4' above sole of rt. heel. I rarely wear shoes. When I do they are padded & both open toes & heels & without any height to the heel. Pain from both FMS and feet have disabled me (On SSDI). Could the foot pain be related to the FMS? Primary care doc says 'peripheral neuropathy', rheumy says 'not sure .. could be fasciitis plus MCTD'. Starting to wonder if this could be a symptom of Eosin. Fasciitis? ANY help is appreciated.