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How to Deal with Mean People in one Easy Step: ignore them!!!

Posted by Scott R on 5/28/02 at 22:25 (085555)

Responding to mean posts with meanness only makes things worse in message boards. THEREFORE, DON'T DO IT!!!!! Don't respond!!!! Ignore people when they're mean!!!!! It saves you time and keeps the ugly stuff from getting worse. We shall all die very soon so why bother using what time we have left on all this negativity? Go make love to your husband, or kiss your children goodnight, or find a new friend of the opposite sex if you don't have either mate nor child, but for God's sake (and yours), don't use that time posting messages to a freakin message board about FEET!!!!!


This is Dan Rather signing off for the CBS evening news report. Good night. did breathed really say that I'm a turnip?