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Heel Pain

Posted by Andrew Kwit on 5/28/02 at 22:30 (085557)

Hi, i have been experiencing a sense of heel pain or whatever. After one day i was running on the treadmill and the next morining, i could not stand. During that time,I treated it as a sprain and wore gym shoes instead of my usual dress shoes. The gym shoes took some of the pain away. But, i have notice that my calf muscle became tight and sore. I also had a slight pain in my hamstring muscle. After a week or so, i began to feel better but when i tried to wear my dress shoes i felt the pain again. I am trying to figure out if this is a heel spur or would it be arch support or maybe a pulled achilles tendon. Can you give me some advice, and how long would i have to wear like an arch support if that is necessary. Thanks

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