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Post Bunion Surgery

Posted by Ronni H on 5/29/02 at 21:51 (085696)

I had bunion surgery on both feet 2 weeks ago today. My bunions were so painful, I was unable to wear real shoes..only Birkenstocks or barefoot. I have a history of high heeled, pointed toed shoes, you know, the pretty kind. My incisions are 2 1/2' on both feet, running up the big toes. The third day was the most painful, but my podiatrist prescriped good pain medication which really helped. There was popping and shooting pain when walking on the left heel (and I have to use my heels), so he put me in a walking cast (big black adjustable boot)for that foot. The right one is in a surgical shoe. There is no shooting pain, but my feet ache a lot. If I had only one done I can guarantee I would NOT have gone back to have the other done. Two at the same time was definitely the way to go for me. I have a high pain tolerance, but this is definitely not fun! He has assured me that I will be able to return to my job and outside energetic activities in about 8 weeks (from the date of surgery). I can hardly wait! To be perfectly honest, a part of the pain is due to my trying to do too much too soon. Take my advice and sit with your feet up!!! High heels are definitely out of my wardrobe! (for at least a year...) Good luck to all you people with painful bunions. I totally understand, and would love to hear from you. (Get a reputable Podiatrist...check around.)

I had both feet done at separate times by two different doctors due to the type health plans I had at the time.

The podiatrist did the first one and the best.
He cut a C curve around the big toe to the bunion.
It healed and left little scare and I was back to normal in about 1 month. He was under a preferred medical doctor plan and was highly recommended to me by several people.

The second doctor was an orthopedic and he cut one long incesion from the middle of the toe down straight across from the bunion. This did not heal as quick and I still had pain after 1 month. He had to go back in and cut the nerve between the big toe and the second toe to kill the pain in the bottom of my foot. He was under an HMO plan and I did not have my choice of doctors. I think I had a beginner in surgery 101.

My advice is to go to an podiatrist and find one that is known for successful bunion surgery. Ask around and call the hospital for bunion surgery referrals. People are quick to tell you who is good and who is not. Ask the doctor if you can talk to one of his former patients.

The pain is really bad right after the surgery as the bone has been cut. Be sure the doctor has prescribed plenty of pain medication. It goes away after a the next day. Your foot will stay swollen for about a month, gradually going down.
Buy some cheap flat slip on loafer type shoes, 1 pair normal size and the other pair one size larger that match. You had better plan to be off work for about one month - no shorter than 3 weeks. Sit down to go up and down stairs. Use the crutches to help support yourself in getting out of bed, walking, etc. I am glad I had it done as the pain was so bad before.

I am supposed to have a bunionectony and I want to hear from you guys who have been through it. What type of repair did you have and how was your recovery? Thanks!