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Hello Again**found a terrific book**

Posted by lisa k on 6/30/02 at 17:41 (088834)

Just a quick update: finally out of ALL casts ,wearing orthodic sandals(NAOT brand found from foot smart) and sports shoes again!, walking and swimming regularily, only Ibuprofenfor medication. I finally am healing and feel I have my life back, with a usual day now being 0-2 pain rating.

I wouldn't have believed that 3 months ago while on bedrest, unable to even walk to my living room(after a medial plantar fascia tear and detachment)the depression and loneliness/boredom were undescribable.

***I found the most terrific book (that I wish I would have had earlier)***
'AFTER Surgery, Illness or Trauma' by Regina Sara Ryan
this book that i simply found in our public library fills the void between the 'physcial Doctor stuff' and what 'you REALLY are feeling/experiencing' and need information on to regain back your life during the tender intial period of healing.
DON'T GIVE UP,YOUR FEET WILL HEAL!!God bless and love to you all, Lisa K.