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a stretch possibly curing PF

Posted by elliott on 7/14/02 at 11:31 (089634)

A runner I know at work was a long-time sufferer of PF. She had to stop running more or less for a couple of years, morning pain, it hurt to walk, etc. She joined my yoga class. She claims that one yoga pose in particular more or less cured her PF:

Kneel on the ground, knees touching. Put both feet together under you, bottom of toes touching ground, heels in air, and gently lean back on heels, using your hands on each side of you on the ground for balance and support. If you get the pose right, you'll feel your plantar fascii stretch. Hold for a while and release. Repeat several times a day.

Now I'll bet some of you have heard of this, maybe even tried it and said forget it, but what I thought I'd add is that she said that she first got *worse* for some time before getting better, but that somehow the stretch felt right to her, so she continued doing it regularly. Six months or so later, she is now just about entirely better (and, of course, boneheadedly entered into a marathon next month), while her running friends with PF afraid to do the stretch are still where they were. (Note: she also got new orthotics.)

Sure it's a sample of one, anectdotal and all, but it might be worth a try, certainly for long-time sufferers who have tried the conservative stuff without success and have little to lose, and where other options have their drawbacks: surgery (irreversible), ESWT (expensive), wheelchair/SSD (disability/stigma).

Anyone brave enough to try it? No pain, no gain. :-)