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Confused by the reaction of my medication

Posted by KathyB on 7/15/02 at 12:19 (089682)

I am on Neurontin 1800 mg/day and Topamax 125 mg/day ramping to 200 mg/day, I am also on Trazodone 150 mg/day and celexa 40 mg/day for chronic depression. This combination was working well for me, it stopped the nerve pain and I was about 90% pain free 90% of the time until my peroneis longus decided to spasm out of control. The spasms would last all day and if I did not wear my brace (right foot) I would not be able to walk. My doctor gave me Carisoprodol 350 mg 4X/day and it has helped. Even before the spasms I noticed that the underside of my middle three toes, and my heel would go numb. Not all at the same time and not on both feet at the same time, just when it feels like it.
Yesday I noticed that even my finger tips are a bit tingly, not exactly numb but just getting there.

I am wondering with the Neurotin and Topamax surpressing the nerves to the point that the pain is reduced, could they sill be causing the numbness or it is the drugs that are doing it? Am I just going crazy like my husband thinks or is there something to this? I see my doctor on the 17th, but I want some other thoughts to bring with me.