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PF, type of shoes for mountain hikers

Posted by Steve B on 7/16/02 at 15:39 (089794)

I have what I believe is PF. Went to Doc, took x-ray, no stress fracture. The pain is mostly in one foot, and the pain is, for the most part, just below the little toe.

I'm very active and have been hiking in the Cascade mountains with a pack all spring. The pain has been off and on for a year. I went to a podiatrist who said to get shoes with stiffer soles. I was wearing a very stable running shoe. He said, get cross trainer. It seemed to help a little, but 6 weeks ago a long hike messed up my foot completely. I trained all rainy season and now I can't hike!! I'm now wearing very stiff sole hiking shoes, it seems to reduce the pain. I wear custom made orthodics (helped my knees a lot). I'm 53 and overweight.

My question: what type of shoes should I wear. Stiff soles or flexible soles?