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Recovery time...

Posted by Jennifer T on 7/18/02 at 19:23 (090005)

I saw my OS last week about the excision surgery I had. I tried to nail him down on a recovery period and he was a bit evasive. I had 100 % involvement of the posterior tibial tendon on the accessory navicular. He did say that it would extend my recovery from the 6 weeks he told me in the beginning, but he really couldn't say by how much. He said it would take as long as it took.
Hopefully one of you have had more frequency in dealing with this issue and could give me a better sense of how long I am looking at. Will the cast have to be worn longer than the 6 weeks or will I just have residual pain beyond the normal time period ????? Plus what is the frequency of the tendon being so involved with the accessory ?????