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pain on top of foot

Posted by paula kelly on 7/20/02 at 02:26 (090192)

Im having alot of pain on the outside of my foot, moving toward toes,along the top of my foot,going up my leg. It's a sharp, shooting pain. I stand on my feet 8-9 hours a day, Sometimes after work my foot has extreme swelling! My second and third toes from the left have been numb a few times, I have never had this kind of foot pain before. I hurt my back four years ago and have sciatica type of pain. It seems when my back hurts, my foot doesnt hurt as much. I see alot of symptoms on these post, but none of them sound like mine. I wake up with pain and it gets worse as the day goes on, especially at work. I feel best when im barefoot or in my birks. I filed workers comp, and I've seen a orthopedic surgeon. He ordered alotof test for my back, but hasn't said much about my foot. Im having this feeling that he is not taking my foot injury seriously. I've had MRI and nerve test on back, but he hasn't done anything about my feet. I have mutiple bone spurs on the back of my heels, and reading these post, it seems like the spurs are a symptom of something else. Any ideas? I go into the doctor on monday and I want to be educated before I go in. I'll also get my test results then.