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~~Bird Watching~~

Posted by Necee on 7/22/02 at 12:25 (090350)

As I sit at my computer I have a great view into my back yard. There are Cardinals that just recently left the nest. I counted 4 females!! The males are flying around trying to keep up with them. Also, we have House Wrens that spend a lot of time in our yard. The Cardinals seemed to be playing tag with them...it was so funny to watch!! I woke up this morning to the sound of a Chickadee right outside my window, it was picking seeds from a bush, it stayed there quite a while...and when it was finished eating it sat there preening itself. As I watched, I reflected on how thankful I was to have my eyesight, and to be able to see and appreciate all the little things in life. Oh, I've got to go!!!! I hear more birds!!

Happy trails....