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surfact peeling following toeprint whorls

Posted by Allen C on 7/22/02 at 13:44 (090356)

I've lately noticed that my skin is peeling along the whorls of my big toe, and on the ball of my foot. The peeling doesn't seem to respond to over-the-counter antifungals for athlete's foot (although all the between-toe peeling stopped, as did the itch), even when I extend the use of the topicals beyond what directions call for. The result is a large number of pointy little flaps of skin, all around a millimeter or so long. The skin there looks more like a wood rasp. There is usually no pain, except for the occasional longer/deeper flap which can get to tender new skin underneath the surface.

Is this a dietary deficiency? A tenacious form of athlete's foot? Or something else? No one else in the family has this complaint, despite all of us going barefoot in the house...