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Finished treatments in Vancouver!

Posted by Jan M. on 7/27/02 at 15:11 (090755)

I just spent a beautiful week in Vancouver having ESWT treatments at Sonocur. What a wonderful city!
I had treatments on the 19th, 22 and 24th of July. After treatments we went sightseeing. No new pain afterwards so far except for sore ankles from bicycling around Stanley Park. They are very informative and professional at Soncocur. During one of my treatments they got the call that they had rec'd US FDA approval! Talk about happy faces (including mine)! Hopefully in time it will be approved for PF, but a caring PD can still refer his patient to an Orthopedic physician for ESWT treatment (or use their machine if that's possible)until approval comes through.
Treatment at the Vancouver clinic was $1600 CAD for two feet which comes to around $1000 US dollars. Not a bad deal. Even with the airfare (from Alaska) and B&B costs it was much much less than Alaska's Ossatron treatment prices.
I was told to keep doing what I have been doing as far as self care goes.
Don't start jogging if I haven't been jogging. Keep wearing good orthotics
and good shoes. Stretch, ice if needed.
So I guess now I wait and see what progresses.