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TTS/Posterior Tibial neuritis/PF

Posted by jane t on 8/01/02 at 13:50 (091288)

I have developed severe PF on my R foot --disabling for 5 months, bad for 2 years . I also have PF to a lesser extent on the l foot (had PF release on that foot 20 years ago)
For the past 2 weeks I have developed either TTS or neuritis on the R foot. Could it be from overstretching? Should I be still using the night splint for PF, or will that overstretch the nerve? I was doing an aggressive hamstring stretching program, including yoga.
I have stopped stretching at all.
Should I elevate and ice the PF area and ankle as much as possible.
I am going to Canada for eswt tomorrow. Should my foot be casted after this?
Has anyone tried prednisone or medrol dose pack for the nerve problems?
I am on neurontin (just started).