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Posted by Lara T on 8/01/02 at 18:54 (091334)

In the prevbiously referenced article by7 Lau & Daniels, they report:

'No single test can be used. . . . Most common study is the 'motor study''
QUESTION: What is the 'motor study'

'Sensory nerve studies are more sensitive than motor studies'
QUESTION: What are the 'Sensory nerve studies'?

'mixed motor and sensory conduction velocities identify abnormalities predominantly in the sensory fibers. Distal motor latencies are relatively insensitive and the sensorry conduction velocities are too sensitive. Therefore mixed motor and sensory nerve conduction velocities provide a good compromise betweent he two previous tests'
What are motor
What does it mean that the sensory conduction vevlocites are too sensitive?