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Painful heels

Posted by Barbara F on 8/02/02 at 15:04 (091442)

Over the last 6 months (which coincides with a weight gain of around 14 - 21 pounds) & after wearing court shoes with a 1 inch heel (coming down from a 21/2 inch heel) I have been experiencing pains in the middle of both my heels. However I have been wearing court shoes of 2 inchs & have found that I am able to walk without pain. I find that the pain is worse when I am physically tired, although my job is a desk job, ie not on my feet all day.

My thoughts are that this is weight related, as I am currently at my heaviest weight, & I am dieting in the hope that this will help.

These sound like classic symptons of Heel Spurs/Plantar fasciitis - do you agree?