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is this pf now?

Posted by Jean M on 8/10/02 at 22:04 (092160)

I have had trouble with the post tib tendon, and even had surgery. After the surgery I developed pain in the opposite side of my mid foot my PT thought stress fracture but did not show on xrays. Anyway, its been most of the summer and I am still dealing with the forefoot pain but alas something new. On the inside of my right foot, the edge of my heel(on the inside-side of the heel (not the bottom) but very low on the heel it is very painful when I walk, the more I walk the worse it gets, also once I sit down and then try to get up I can't put any pressure on it at all. There is an area there that is very sensitive to pressure and it radiates up behind the ankle and also towards the arch. It seems lower than the tendon area that was painful but again not on the bottom of the foot. I have celebrex for the forefoot pain (which it has no effect on) and appaently its not effective for this either. I have tried the ice but it seems to not be of help either. I have a custom arch support that has been comfortable since I started wearing it so I also have good arch support. Any ideas and suggestions for other things I could try? I have read the pf board a lot but since the pain is not on the bottom but more on the inside edge of my foot I am not sure if this could be pf? thank you in advance for your time.