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Plantar fasciitis/heel spur

Posted by Brenda S on 8/13/02 at 12:52 (092369)

I have suffered terribly frombilateral plantar fasciitis/heel spurs and wonder if there is a possibility that nerve damage has occurred. Is this a likely event and can it be checked? I have had lythotripsy, radio therapy, partial release of plantar fascia(on one foot only), tarsal tunnel decompression(same foot) nothing helped a t all. I cannot take medications
due to a gut problem. Can there be a link to candida as I had a test which howed an overgrowth of candida in the gut. I am worse with shoe lifts.
I had a nuclear scan. Would that show up calcaneal fracture? If it did I was not told of it.
Am desperate to get help after l3 years of dreadful pain. The longer I stand the worse it gets.