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My friend now has PF and some thoughts about PF

Posted by Shaira on 8/18/02 at 18:52 (092863)

I've had PF for YEARS (see my posts here dating back since 1995) and what really makes me angry is that PF seems not to be diagnosed very often!

Many doctors don't even know what it is!

Like that poor guy who wrote here with the pain in his feet, it was obvious to me he had PF.

My friend only has it in her left foot, hasn't been properly diagnosed yet by the doctor (naturally), and her BIL now has it (due to her diagnosing it!!!! via my descriptions!!!) and also, her SIL (not married to her BIL) also has it. SIL is a nurse, and isn't wearing the best shoes either. I've told her to tell them about this site.

I've also worked at schools where 5 out of the 10 teachers (I am not a teacher btw) have PF. The floors in schools are horrible. Flat and concrete most of them....also the floor where I live is flat and concrete (with a flat rug over it...awful for us pf'ers...yes I need to MOVE but can not afford it).

I am thinking flat floors have a lot to do with our issue.

Also, my dh, I don't think he has PF, BUT when walking a lot, he gets a pain in the ball of his foot that's painful. He can not wear shoes with arches as he has a high arch. I worry about his feet, I think we need to get him some shoes with lots of cush but no arch things in it (no NB and Merrells).