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Response to Pauline for name of my orthotics

Posted by Kim R. on 8/19/02 at 13:52 (092918)

Pauline, my orthotics are the soft-flexible type. The brand engraved on the bottom is AMFIT. I was fitted for these using a strange device that that takes an impression of your feet using little nubby sticks. The impression is then scanned into a PC and the therapist makes a few adjustments and then orders the orthotics. So far, they are wonderful. I hardly know that I have anything in my shoes. I work with someone who also had pf and heel spurs and spent a fortune on the hard orthotics and she cannot wear them because the pain is worse than the pf itself. I don't know what mine cost. I suspect around $300, but Blue Cross pays a portion. I believe I spent $120 out of pocket. Believe me, over the past few years, I have spent way more than that on Dr. Scholl's heel inserts, orthotics etc. I can really recommend these to people who are runners or athletes. They are quite comfortable. I do believe that a lot of it has to do with the person taking the impression of your foot. Make sure he/she really is qualified so you're not stuck with an ill-fitting pair of expensive shoe inserts. For those of you who live in Alabama, I used Alabama Orthopoedic's physical therapist. He gets an A+ for these orthotics. Hope this helps others with pf.