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Swollen Feet

Posted by Tracy H on 8/20/02 at 06:30 (092967)


I am rather frustrated with my doctors so I am trying to seek some informaton online.

About 3 months ago, I woke up with very swollen feet and ankles. I am 25 years old so I assumed that it was heat and decided to let them go. About 2 weeks after they swelled I needed to see a doctor. The pain my feet and lower legs was horrible. I went to the doctor, and they told that I had a blot clot in my ankle they thought and I would have more tests done in the morning. They gave some medication and then did some tests the next day and determined I did not have a blood clot. He told me it was puzzling and that I should just go home and elevate them.

Still 3 months later, I am struggling with my feet. They are very painful and sometimes basic walking is enough to make me feel very cranky. I have seen my doctor again adn he has diagnosed me with a bounding pulse and a rapid heart beat. he said it could be related to my feet. I live in Canada. I cannot get this doctor to help me at all, and there is no way to see somone else without his refferal. I have even gone to outpatient and they told me to see my family doctor.

Do you think it is just heat??


Re: Swollen Feet

Sarah V on 2/22/03 at 12:27 (110342)

If you have found out anything about your condition I would be interested in knowing because I, too, have a similar problem. I am 38 and for the past 8 months my right foot has been swollen. 3 months ago, my left foot joined in and now both feet all the way up to my knees and even thighs are swollen 24 hours a day. Sometimes my legs are red and burn as if I had cellulitis (which I dont) and sometimes my feet tingle. They hurt because they are so swollen and sometimes I can't even walk. I went to the ER and they couldn't figure it out. They tested my heart, lungs, vascular system (no clots), tested me for STD's, and put me on IV antibiotics, then oral antibiotics. Raising my feet at night does nothing to help and it seems crazy to me that this is happening. I am otherwise healthy but now cannot work or even perform normal activities on a daily basis. It is very frustrating. There has got to be someone out there that knows something.

Re: Swollen Feet

Kathy S on 7/31/03 at 16:01 (125810)

Did you ever get any satisfactory explanations? I've just had my first urinary tract infection at 50+ and finished Cipro for 10 days this past Sunday. Not sure it is totally gone yet as my lower back still makes itself known with slight tenderness. I have terrible swelling -primarily in left ankle and up the leg on Monday - and again on Wednesday. Eating habits not perfect, but have never had this trouble before. Very slight swelling in right leg/ankle, left one huge. Wonder if it has anything to do with my UTI? Took over the counter diuretics, but must have another urinalysis Friday, so didn't want to continue taking the pills because it will be blue. Eight months of this would be awful. How are you now???

Re: Swollen Feet

June G on 2/08/04 at 22:07 (143964)

Hello - I can empathize with Sarah V and Kathy S. I live in the Toronto area and also cannot see a specialist without a referral from my family doctor, although after much persuasion I was sent to an internist. Numerous blood tests, cardio tests, x-rays, etc. have been done but so far the cause for my severely swollen ankles, red and swollen feet and hands remains a mystery. It started in November and nothing alleviates the problem completely. Special stockings only pushes the puffiness right into my feet. I no longer have one pair of shoes that fit. Sleeping with elevated feet at night only produces minimal reduction in swelling. Diuretics help somewhat, but as soon as my feet hit the floor, the problem returns with a vengeance. There is some tingling, numbness and mild discomfort, but not a lot of pain. Is there a doctor out there who can shed some light on this problem, and advise us sufferers of swollen feet what we might do? By the way, my diet is reasonably good, but I do have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes, all brought on by l5 months of initially high doses of prednisone for temperal arteritis in l999, but mostly under control with the proper medications. I seem lately to be spending a great deal of time visiting my GP, but so far, no answers, as my tests are all coming back within normal range. Also I am on synthroid 0.125, had radioactive iodine and was diagnosed with Graves' disease 25 years ago. Could I possibly have a rare form of arthritis? So many people, particularly women, appear to have this similar problem, I wonder why no one is aggressively searching for answers for this debilitating problem.

Re: Swollen Feet

Amber on 5/10/07 at 00:29 (229481)

I am having this problem now....I just moved from one extreme to the other as far as weather goes....San Francisco to Los Angeles...No problems until sudddenly....I have had to take several antibiotics over the last few years for different infections...kidneys are fine but only diuretics (prescription strength) seem to help. I am at a loss!!!!

Re: Swollen Feet

d kelly on 5/24/07 at 14:37 (230456)

far beit for to make a dianosis , but it seem to me that you all have dirty blood , it like the begining of gout. When your blood get dirty it is harder to circulate, so gravity put the pressure on your feet.I know it sound silly ,but I have the same problem after eat chocolate or drank milk or an over dose of sugars. Try watching what you eat and drinking water ,eating fruits , garlic and lower your chocolate, dairy products, and see what happens. Think about this one!
If that does not work e-mail at drrckklly at yahoo.com

Re: Swollen Feet

laney on 5/24/07 at 21:36 (230490)

I had this problem 2years ago...it turned out it was a new birth control pill i was on...as soon as I stopped it went away....I tried another this year and my joints started hurting so I immediatly stopped...so...maybe if it happens in women a lot it is either an allergic reaction to something, or just a hormonal thing since mine was from the hormones in the pill?

Re: Swollen Feet

Kym on 6/06/07 at 06:35 (231169)

I am having the exact same problems my feet and ankles are swollen.They have been swollen for a month and now they are being accompanied with pain as well. I went to the doctor to get them examined and he told me that it was because I am taking in too much water and my body is retaining it.Well, I thought we were always encouraged to drink water, but now too much of it is harmful? I do eat quite a large amount of ice on a daily basis,so it was believable. He also said that the cause of the sweeling cold be be due to weight. My feet and ankles have swollen up before, but never this huge. I notice that the swelling usually only occur when the weather is hot.The doctor suggested that I wear compression stockings to keep my blood circulating in my feet and ankles to prevent blood clots, take a mild diuretic, and suggested that I elevate my feet. Well, I tried the stockings and they were a big headache, and he forgot to write for the diuretic so that was a waste of time.I do remember that last year when my feet swollen I use lasix and it actually helped.

When researching on the internet for the cause and the name of this condition I found that the name of the condition is called edema. There were two causes that were listed that was most related to me and they were being overweight and sitting for a long period of time. I am a secretary so I sit quite alot and I also do work at home on the computer and do more sitting. I am going to try the stockings again and perhaps get a diuretic either from the doctor or over the counter because he didn't really want to prescribe the diuretic because of me continuing to still to eat ice which I think is caused by another condition.

Re: Swollen Feet

Julie on 6/06/07 at 07:02 (231170)


First: you have posted your message on a very old thread, which not many people are likely to see. If you would like medical advice from one of the doctors who post here, please copy your post as a new message into a new thread.

Edema, or water retention, can be due to a number of conditions, and is not necessarily related to the amount of water you drink. I would advise you to press for a referral to a specialist, since from what you have said it sounds like your GP doesn't seem to have a grip on your condition, which could be a symptom of more serious conditions, and these need to be investigated and either ruled out, or treated.

There is a great deal you can to to alleviate the symptom.

The problem is that your veins are not returning your blood to the heart quickly enough. You've correctly identified one of the causes: sitting too much! At work, get up and walk around as often as possible. Stand up to talk on the phone. Go and see colleagues instead of emailing or phoning them. Go for a walk at lunchtime (that will help with the weight situation too). Click on this link, foot yoga, for exercises that will improve your circulation; you can do them whenever you want to, sitting at your desk.

When you are at home, spend time a couple of times a day lying on the floor with your legs up the wall. This will speed the return of the venous blood to the heart, and minimise the pooling of fluids in your feet and ankles. If your weight makes this difficult, at least prop your legs up on several cushions. Anything you can do to assist the blood to flow downhill rather than uphill will help.

Re: Swollen Feet

Carly F on 6/09/07 at 02:04 (231324)

I am a 23 year old with a left foot that has been swollen for about 3 months now. None of my shoes fit, I can't rollerblade, exercise or even take a decent walk with my dog. I have been to my family doctor numerous times, and they can not figure it out. The skin is so tight and sensitive that even the water from the shower hurts. I am a type 1 diabetic and also have high blood pressure. My blood pressure and sugars are under control. My diabetic specialist says that my foot has nothing to do with my diabetes. I have been tested for gout, red blood cell count, had an ultrasound for blood clots, x-ray for injuries, I had a CT scan of my stomach orgarns, intestines, etc, and everything there is normal. I have tried antibiotics and am now on the heaviest water pill available - and it makes me feel like passing out. I stopped my birth control 2 months ago, elevate my foot, trying to tensor it up... you name it. I really just want some help because I work in a restaurant as a bartender and I am at the point where I cannot stand on my foot for another shift. I try soaking it and rubbing oils, the circulation is decent. Please help me, my days are a struggle and I really do not want to spend the whole summer in this kind of condition. Someone once said to me heart failure?? COuld this be?? It is only the one foot though????

Re: Swollen Feet

Judy from oHIo on 7/08/07 at 21:43 (232655)

During a plane flight to New Mexico four and a half years ago, I noticed that my feet became hot and itchy, so I kicked my shoes off. Upon landing, I couldn't get my shoes back on again. Since I was new at flying, I was afraid that the cabin pressure had caused something with my system. My ankles and feet were so swollen during our visit, that my husband wanted to take me to the local ER. I waited till I arrived back home to see my doctor who didn't give it much concern. He always just tells me to cut the weight, lose the salt, exercise, and drink plenty of water. Well, here I am 4 1/2 years later, and the feet still swell up. Sometimes like balloons and I can't hardly walk. But then I stop and analize how much water that I have taken in recently. It's usually little to none. I start drinking lots of water and notice that my body expels lots more water than I took in. I guess that would be the fluid retention. Then the swelling starts to go down alot! There are days when they look normal and I can even see ankle and feet bones. I am 52 and I trust our doctor more than any other that I have ever met! I do believe that he is right on the money again. If you are overweight, cut it. If you smoke, stop it. If you take in alot of salt, as I do, don't add. EAT YOUR VEGGIES! Exercise. And water, water, water! Cut the soda and sugar! I think you will see the poison demon leave the house! lol. Judy from oHIo

Re: Swollen Feet

Judy from oHIo on 7/08/07 at 21:53 (232658)

Julia, the craving or urge to always eat ice is a lack of iron. In the search engine, type in eating ice due to iron deficiency and you will get alot of info. One doctor explained it to me and I copied down the name of the ailment of which I can't remember. He put me on strong iron pills such as given to pregnamt women. He said that I would know when my iron was built back up. Sure enough one day, they made me so nausiated! I quit them and have never had another problem. The doctor that I have now said not to take iron pills because they cause weight gain and retention. Just to eat plenty of veggies! I hope that some of this info might help you or others. I have enjoyed sharing in on your info and others. It helps to know we are not suffering alone with certain ailments. Thanks again Julia for your info. Judy

Re: Swollen Feet

Larrissa on 7/24/07 at 05:39 (233436)

hi, i was reading up on swollen feet as i get the constantly. i am 27 years of age and have swollen feet nearly everyday. I take diuretics yet it still seems to be getting worse. I have a heart condition which causes this as my circulation is very bad (due to heart). I have recently had tests and have found out that the left side of my heart is not working and the right side is so enlarged. If your feet are swollen for long periods of time with you putting your feet up and staying off them, then i suggest you make this doctor refer you to a doctor that can help.

Re: Swollen Feet

Karen on 7/25/07 at 11:03 (233550)

Hi- I am 38 years old and also have the same problems as you. My left foot has been swollen for 3 1/2 months. I also have been to my primary doctor several times and he sent me to a foot specialist who tried several different things and nothing worked. That doctor sent me to a vascular doctor who said I have edema. He told me not to worry to just go on living my normal life. I can't excercise anymore because of the pain. I can't wear half of my shoes and it just is awful. So how can you live a normal life if you can't do the things you enjoy without being in pain!!! I have had every test that you can imagine. I have had 2 MRI's, 2 ultrasounds, bloodwork, x-rays, and a CT of my stomache and pelvic area. Everything came back normal. I have done alot of research and have come up with that I think I have lymphedema. Doctors do not know anything about this. There is not to many doctors that are fimilar with this. I think you should go on line and research about this. I am now seeing a therapist who is a specialist in this and who has told me of a clinic that can diagnosis me of lymphedema. My therephist told me that I am in stage 2 of lymphedema. I to need a referral from my primary doctor for my insurance so I went to see him and when I went into his office I just broke down. I was aggressive with him and told him what I wanted him to do for me. He sat there and told me that I do not have lymhedema and wanted to give me a shot in my foot of cortizon. I have already had that and it didn't work!! I did get my way and have a appointment to see this doctor who specializes in lymphedema and hopefully he will give me some answers. It is so frustrating to have this problem and nobody understands because they are not going through it. My foot and leg just hurt all the time. I understand what you are going through and I hope you get some answers. Be aggresive!! I have found websites with people who have the same problems and they too had to be aggressive to get answers. Good luck!! Karen

Re: Swollen Feet

maxine l on 8/20/07 at 13:35 (234669)

Hi i am also 34 with my right ankle always swollen i recently move from los angeles to atlanta, while in LA my feet would be swollen up only if it was a very hot day or im doing a lot of walking or standing only my right ankle another moment my problem would be my right knee also cant bend or just blame hurting, i went to my doctor he said im retaining water or im eating do much salt, cut down alot on the salt, but however since i move to altlanta my feet is swollen every day even if im not moving about. Im so frustrated, I try to put on a few pairs of shoes and my foot would not go into the darn shoes, even my toes r swollen i hate to even look at my feet

Re: Swollen Feet

Christine Y on 8/21/07 at 21:32 (234743)

Good god, I have been dealing with this about 3 years! I started when I took a sit down job at Verizon Wireless. At first I did nothing, but the increasing pain, and uncomfortableness led me to my doctor. Three years later, I have had 2 echo-cardiograms, ultra-sounds done on my liver, kidneys, bladder and aorta. Had a complete series of blood work done, twice, and I am healthy as can be. My doctor says that I just have 'bad veins' and there is nothing to be done about it. I had checked into food alergies, sodium intake, etc. The only time I found complete relief is when I joined Jenny Craig. I was on that diet for about 3 weeks,, (couldnt afford it much after that) and I had lost ALL,,, I mean ALL swelling, and signs of it! I have since resumed back to my normal eating habits, and have ballooned up so bad I cant even wear normal shoes. Its in the food man!! It has to be!! There is no medical explanation for it!!! I do take a water pill to help, with little or no relief!! What the heck is in that Jenny Craig food anyway??? Probably all the soy. THat is my conclusion. WHat do you think? Its definatley not the heat Tracy! :)


Re: Swollen Feet

jamie C on 10/24/07 at 02:42 (238372)

hi i have same problem i had c-section and feet got more swollen and only thing that helps is pinapple juice but i know there r water pills u can take and if u r diabetic u should be taking them i had gestational diabetes and feet were swollen alot and pinapple did help but now after surgery ive had my right foot swell badly and i am talking w my dr about it tomorrow wish u well and good luck

Re: Swollen Feet

Chiquita M on 4/03/08 at 12:02 (245456)

Have your doctor test your urine for foam. There could be an excessive amount of protein leaking into your urine which causes your feet to swell along with legs. I have been dealing with this issue for 2 years now and everything I was told was false until I went to a kidney specialists and now the swelling is virtually gone. I hope this helps.

Re: Swollen Feet

nicole on 5/08/09 at 21:07 (257361)

I have the same problem as you did you figure anything out?