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TTS and MS

Posted by Ann E on 8/25/02 at 20:04 (093510)

I was dx withtarsal tunnel syndrome last March after months of foot pain, numbness and swelling around my ankle. The entire time I complained of tightness around my knee joint and ankel. In May my calves became tight and rigid and I had Muscle Spasms. I also had a few instances when my hands tremored. My feet were heavy and I walked like a drunken sailor. Other symptoms include fatigue, early menopause, tspasms in my thighs, weakness, electric shocks behind my knees, and I twitch and jerk in my thighs, shoulders and thumbs. My podiatrist referred me to a neuro that was kind of a jerk, aside from his personality I do respect the test results. The MRI showed white spots but my spinal tap was clear. I was having a remission at the time of my spinal tap. My neuro saids all the symptoms are caused by TTS. My GP disagrees so he is scheduling an appointment for me at an MS clinic. Does TTS cause the symptoms that I listed above? Do you know of any TTS patients who have MS? Could MS cause or contribute to TTS? Thanks.