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Posted by Faye T. on 8/27/02 at 21:33 (093760)

I've had pf for about a year & have been an avid reader here. I think this site & your advisements have helped more than my pers. dr. I went to the podiatrist. today & he informed after I told him that my orthotics (about 3 months old) have become uncomfortable & unbearable. (causing leg pain, buzzing in my feet & ankles, & foot soreness--all of which had been under control prior to this past week & half.) I told him that I took them out this a.m. when it began & put in Powersteps which sometimes are helpful. Today, Powersteps relieved the pain within a 1/2 hour & my day went on with a low level of pain - as opposed to previous week with the prescribed orthotics. He 'posted' the orthotics & added arch support & said to wear them for a few days - & that I was becoming too foot conscious. Yes, I do think of them - but I still work daily & run a household....so I am not overwhelmed by them. He seemed like he was unhappy that I chose the Powersteps for today & more unhappy that I even chose to tell him......Yes, I will try his orth. once again for the next day or so; BUT, what would you advise?