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foot pain-radiates into calf-numbness

Posted by mary m on 8/30/02 at 19:31 (094022)

the last two years i have had pain in my left foot. when i first get up in the morning and walk on it, especially going down stairs, i t feels like the bones are separating and cracking so to speak. if i stand on my
feel too long, i start getting pain in my foot (middle of foot) and then radiates up my calf and the side of my ankle (inside) the only relief i can get is to take my shoe off and walk around awhile and stretch the foot
out. sometimes i have to take several aspirin just to be able to continue
what i am doing. the pain and separating of the bones( i think they are)
starts on the bottom of my foot right behind the the toes and between the
third and forth toes. my foot also starts to go numb. i do not have insurance or income to seek medical help. i wonder if there is some exercise i can do . i also can only wear loose shoes. any shoe the touches the side of my foot and squeezes in any way also starts the pain as described above. don't know what i will do when summer is over and can't wear the loose open shoes. just be a fashion faux pas . i am 56 yr old female and in good health except for food additive related headaches . any help would be appreciated. thanks so much