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bone ?pain in foot, ankle and calf

Posted by mary m. on 8/31/02 at 16:57 (094084)

the last two years i have had pain in my left foot. it feels like my bones
are separating and crackle when i first get up in the morning, especially when going down the stairs.the pain does not happen at this time. when standing for awhile

the pain starts on the bottom of my foot behind and between my third and fourth toes. it then radiates up the side of my ankle (inside) and up my calf. the pain in excruciating and i have to take my shoe off and walk around awhile to make it settle down somewhat. i then take some kind of pain medication especially if i must continue to stand or walk. i can only
wear very loose shoes and not hardly touching the sides of my feet, that also sets the pain off if my shoes squeeze in any way. i have not have this checked as i have no insurance or no funds. could there be an exercise or something i could to do the help. thanks for any help , mary m.