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Just had surgery

Posted by Gail R on 9/13/02 at 18:55 (095290)

Hi, I have posted here before ,been a while. I just had my achilles tendon explored., with all the spur under the tendon being removed and the center of the tendon detached and re-attached with an anchor. It was two weeks ago today. I was casted yesterday after the staples were removed. I have to wear this short leg cast for 4 weeks non weight bearing. After this I will have to have physical therapy and wear the air boot for a while. It feels much better after the staples have been removed! The worst part so far was the awful pain I experienced the night the procedure was done that morning. I had a epidural which worked fine for the surgery but had to drive 55 miles to E.R. that night and take numerous morphine injections to get the intense pain quieted off.Had to have a blood patch the third day after surgery! My recovery is going much better now. I was having hip pain before at night from my altered gait because it has disappeared now. Today is the first day I have not had to take a pain pill so that is great. Just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences.