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pf, yoga, and hamstring pain

Posted by Lynn K. on 9/22/02 at 18:37 (095975)

Hi Scott,
This is a very helpful site. My pf came on quite suddenly about 3-4 weeks ago upon getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. I'm active, not overweight, and wonder if hatha yoga--which I've been doing 1-3 times a week could have brought it on. Also, I can sometimes feel fascial pain all the way up to my hamstring (along the calf), and this is the same leg that gives me sciatic pain. Are there any correlations between these two problems? Do you recommend stretching of the entire leg? Also, is it possible that with the hatha yoga I have OVERSTRETCHED the plantar fascia and am having an overstretch syndrome or 'rebound' type response? I'm icing, stretching, resting as much as I can stand (I'm REALLY missing my ocassional runs--onlyh 1-2 times a weeks--and long walks), and looking into arch supports. How do people stay sane with this? Thanks so much. Lynn K.