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swollen feet and ankles

Posted by lyne ll on 9/24/02 at 09:07 (096085)

My mother has swollen feet and ankles, she can hardly walk. She is 74 years old, and otherwise in a very good health, although she is 25 pounds overweight, has very high cholesterol, very high blood pressure, flat feet.
She sleep 8 hours a day and sleeps well, she smokes about 8 cigarettes a day. She went for a foot x-ray and the result was a bit of osteoporosis, no broken bones. She puts her feet in ice, and wears those special socks but does not relieve the symptoms. She had in the past, bunions surgery, phlebetis, varicoses veins and (acute rheumatism at the age of 19 years old).
Her family doctor doesn't know what else to do to get to the source of the problems.

Would you have a suggestion on what to do, or how to investigate the problem?
Thank you.