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A friend called /

Posted by Tammie on 9/25/02 at 17:38 (096215)

I am talking about a sweet lady with the most beautiful warm voice! There are alot of things I could say about this woman as she has been pretty special to me! Often saving me from another fall into a depressed state.Forgetting that I had much to do and there were lots of good people around and good DR I had to keep lookingfor the right one. She held my hand often when I was feeling as tho the world was closing in on me and poited me to the right direction for the help I needed!

When things got bad and a real hard day would be there she calmed me down and worked with me to calm down and first see not think ahead of myself as I often do this .I kept this woman and her family in my prayers daily and knowing how I can depend on the big guy upstairs knew he would give a angel to her till she was feeling better!

How lucky our daughters hooked up with each other on there computor time. To have two Moms woth RSD and two teens dealing with there own life and such it has been a blessing for ME to have her lovely daughter to understand that I am ok and not going to die as there were times I think she believed it.But she found answers from your sweet daughter and that was the begining of a sweet loving relationship. My daughter now wants us to allow her to save her money and visit her! Time will tell how it will go , but I know in my heart that nothing will take away the warmth you have givin to me. I remember your voice as if you were talking to me and trying to soothe the evil thughts and to think nicly in hopes that i might relax and sleep! Thank you my dear friend as I say you know who you are and I want you to know your a wonderful person!!!!!!!!