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Effective foot and leg stretches

Posted by Walker on 9/26/02 at 23:22 (096294)

I can't find where I read it, but someone posted a stretch on this message board awhile back that I've been using and seems to be helping me a lot. It consists of this: Kneel on the floor with your body making an L, your feet out behind you. Place your feet and toes perpendicular to the floor. Then slowly lower your butt down onto your heels, stretching your toes at a right angle to your feet as your butt approaches your heels. It's a very effective way to stretch your feet.

Another stretch that's helped me greatly is a simple toe touch. (This is obviously not for people who can't put weight on their feet!) I bend down as far as I can and hold that position for up to a minute. From there, I lean forward a little bit, which seems to really pull the tendons/muscles in the back of my legs, and greatly helps my PF. I do this several times a day and it's done wonders for me. What do you think, Julie?