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Posted by Sandy R on 9/29/02 at 16:55 (096458)

Hello, I injured my left heel about a year ago by pushing a heavy object it felt like a tearing sensation.I thought it was strained and figured it would heal with time so I let it go for 7 weeks.
Went to family Dr. he recommended PT.They preformed ASTM, stretching,exercise bycyle. The pain from the ASTM treatment got bad so I quit going to PT after about 8 visits.
I had pain for awhile after but it subside enough that I could live with it for about 3 monthes. At work had to start going up & down ladder and pushing and or pulling a heavy cart. Pain came back severely.The pain is like a ripping or tearing sensation like a zipper being pulled down.Went to family Dr for a recommendation for a POD but he sent me to an orthopedic surgeon. He put me on anti-inflamitories for a month still had pain, put me in a walking boot for 6 weeks which helped while I was wearing it.Went to PT for stretches that I had been doing at home.On anti-inflamitories for 3 monthes.The ortho Dr. said if I still had pain in 4 monthes to see him again and he'd take xrays but that wouldn't show anything.
Went to Family Dr. again for something else he asked about foot, I told him about Ortho Dr. he asked if I wanted 2nd opinion and sent me to POD. Physical Therapist recommended.(He didn't like the Ortho Dr.)
POD looked at xrays taken with 1st family Dr. visit said I had Calcaneal spur on xray bursitis, achilles tendinitis.He took new xrays to see if the spur has grown in a year but I don't see him for another 4 weeks.
He is now sending me to PT (PHYSICAL THERAPY) They are doing ASTM again exercise bike, wall stretches, and ice of course.Will be doing strengthning exercising. Are you familar with ASTM? Its very painful! is it like a case of the storm before the calm,no pain no gain? Does it have to be more painful before it gets better.My heel pain is in the back of my heel not bottom, very tender area in like a circular patch on the calcaneal area does radiate to left side of foot down behind ankle to pad of foot.I can find no research on ASTM. I know it suppose to break up scar tissue I told my PT he should become a professional fish skinner he scrapes it so hard I feel like he's taking skin and all.
I'am now sitting here barely able to walk at all, Should I continue with ASTM since its so painful during and for days after? What is the ripping or tearing sensation I feel when pushing-pulling objects, squatting on my toes?I can point my toes out with no problem its when I try to point it back towards my leg is when I feel the tightness in the heel and achilles tendon area.
I have normal stiffness in the morning which usually subsides with use and comes back with periods of rest. I work on a cement floor at work in a factory and by evening its hard to stand.Do you think a heel cup would help? anything touching the back of my heel causes severe pain is there hope? Sorry this is so long just wanted to give history.
Short of it.
Sould I continue ASTM? What is ripping,tearing sensation? Would a heel pad or lift help? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
P.S; I bought one of those heel ice pack wraps from ANKLE TX and like it.
No I'm not affliated with them its just easy to use.