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Tip of Big Toe Numbness and Tingling

Posted by Tamara on 10/02/02 at 00:19 (096667)


Thanks in advance. For 3-4 wks, my left big toe (just the tip) has been numb. My right tip(of big toe) has been tingling, like a nerve is twinging.

I am in great shape, but I just started cocktail waitressing and spend a lot of time on my feet. I have flat shoes(munroes) which are supposed to be good... but I wear light panty hose and work on hard wood floors...

I can't think of any other reason my toes are acting up? If it is job related, can I excpect my toes to adapt... stop being numb? tingling? Should I massage them? Will they adjust or do I need to try different shoe gear? Maybe there's another reason for their acting up?

Thanks for any thoughts?