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Heel Twitch

Posted by Anne C. on 10/08/02 at 01:53 (097055)

I was diagnosed with a heel spur several months ago. Due to my unwillingness to stop all activity, I opted for a cortisone injection. This took about 50% of the pain away. I still feel pain every morning and after all activities (tennis, walking, jogging, etc.) In the last couple of weeks, I starting feeling a twitching (throbbing) sensation in my heel. (Very similar to an eye twitch, only on a larger scale.) It does not necessarilly hurt. It is just very annoying. In the last couple of days, the throbbing sensation has increased to 90% of the time. If I tweak my foot to the side while sitting, it may stop the throbbing momentarilly. Today, it seemed like my heel twitched all day without stop. Twice after standing, I experience a numbness throughout my entire leg. Is this something you have heard of and should I be concerned? Thanks so much for your time and suggestions.