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Alternative to hard insoles

Posted by Bebhinn H. on 10/10/02 at 17:20 (097266)

Hi - I have been dealing with PF for years now. I have the flat footed variety of PF. I had the hard insoles from a podiatrist - they were murder. I found a sports chriropractor that measured my leg lengths and found that one of my legs is shorter than the other. My chiropractor works with Olympic atheletes. He prescribed to me orthotics that he also prescribed to these atheletes. These new orthotics had of leather uppers- the had a good stiffness as needed but an organic flexibility as well . The heel lifted needed to correct my leg length was built in as well as a soft cushion spot in one heel to help with my heel pain. These have worked much better than the old hard platstic inserts.
Langer Biomechanics Group is the company that made them.
One of my main complaints is not finding any dress shoes that they will fit in. The inserts are just too high for any dress shoes I have found and believe me I have searched quite a bit.
Any comments? Bebhinn