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Ice - heat - ice ? OR heat - ice - heat?

Posted by Dave R on 10/15/02 at 08:33 (097517)

Hello All,

I've been told to apply ice and heat to help reduce swelling and aid in healing 'plantar fascitis at the insertion of the heel bone....with possible interfascial tear and/or developing fibroma'. In addition, I will be wearing a removable below the leg cast during the day for a period of 3 weeks....after which I will be wearing 'punched out' orthotics. If all goes well and swelling is reduced....and some healing has occured.....I can avoid surgery!

With all that said...What is the best sequence in which to apply the ice and heat??? And for how long per application? Do you have any other tips to reduce swelling and aid healing?

Also....feel free to comment on my treatment....I'm excited about the possibility of NOT having surgery.

Thanks for your help!