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accessory navicular

Posted by vivian craft on 10/26/02 at 17:19 (098408)

I am a 37 y o female nursing student interested in a career in critical care nursing. Unfortunately it involves a great deal of standing which strains my feet. Most orthotics have not helped my fallen arches. Recently I was diagnosed as having a stress fracture in the accessory navicular of my left foot. This is after 3 days of twelve hours shifts followed by 3 days of 5 mile runs. Accompanying my severe pain on walking and weight bearing I noticed a hard bony lump the size of a small walnut almost directly beneath my medial maleolus. It was not there before. Xrays confirmed a fracture and presence of this accessory bone. THe doc placed me in a removable boot and said to come back in 3 weeks. It is week two and the bone has not shifted back although the swelling has gone down. I worry about my future ability to pursue my career and my ability to run and remain aerobically athletic. Is this a valid concern? And will the bone if it does not shift back limit my foot's ROM even after healing? How long does it take for such a fracture to heal? How likely am I to need surgical excision even after this extended period in a boot cast? And finally, should I be worried about my other foot which has also given me problems in the past after prolonged standing? These area all questions I was not able to ask the orthopedist. I would appreciate any comments you can offer considering the limited information offered. THank you. Craft