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xray reveals calcareal spur in right book at the back of heel

Posted by Chantal K on 10/30/02 at 23:52 (098760)

Dear Doctor,

I am a work cover patient since 16.4.02. RSI Injury in Right arm.
Had physio treatment including mobilisation passive physiological mobilisation and rotation lateral flexion. Since then complications with neck / collar bone / lumbar and right foot - loss of balance etc.
Just this week however, my right has has been rather sore, hence the xrays which reveal a spur.
Question 1: Could this condition be a result of (a) weak muscles and/or (b) RSI injury and/or treatment by physio ? (I read that thoracic outlet provocation tests - physiological experiments involving stimulation of the head & neck region may influence motor control / neck / eyes respiratory muscles and possibly the activity of some preganglionic sympathea nerves).

Question 2: I am due back to work tomorrow. Should I rest my foot? I need to walk to the train station and back?

Walking does produce pain.