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Tape brand

Posted by R C on 11/04/02 at 18:25 (099339)

I've been using athletic tape made by Henry Schein (if that is the correct spelling). It is a cloth tape with flesh colored and white varieties. The white seems to have different characteristics. I happen to prefer the flesh colored, which has just the right amount of elasticity and adhesiveness. It comes in 1' and 2' widths, possibly others. The brand name does not appear anywhere on the tape or on the carboard tube it comes wrapped around, I got it from the store owner.

I've utilized two taping methods. Usually I just put two wide strips along the length of the bottom of my foot, and that provides enough longitudinal support to take the strain off the fascia. When I need to be on my feet for a while I used the method in Scott's heel book-- strips start at the balls of the feet and wrap around the heel, etc. It takes some experimentation, but I got this to work extremely well -- I can even play 18 holes of golf without any trouble (think of the push-off during the downswing).

I taped daily with no exceptions for about 18 months (except when I was using cxast/crutches), and tape was therefore a crucial part of my healing process. I recommend it highly if you are not doing well with orthotics, for instance.