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Are all these symptoms PF related?

Posted by Jan H. on 11/08/02 at 08:49 (099625)

I have had PF for quite a while and bought my first pair of Birks last week-found that the left heel wouldn't fit into the heel cup-rides on the ridge-so I asked my husband to take a look and he said the left heel is much wider than the right (at least 1/2 inch) I also have swelling behind the ankle bone on both feet and now my left leg is beginning to hurt. I have had PF in the left foot for about 2 years longer than the right and was wondering if your heel could flatten out from PF or if this is why my leg is starting to ache, so much that it is hard to get my sock on, and if so, can anything be done? Next time I'll be sure to try on the left shoe instead of the right.