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Bayshore ESWT Treatment Treatment #3

Posted by Amy in Va Bch on 11/20/02 at 23:13 (100771)

Sorry this is so late. I will do better in the future.

I had my third treatment on Monday, 11/18. It went fine. Following the ESWT treatment I had the (LILT) low intensity laser treatment too. There is absolutely no pain involved in that at all. I hardly knew anything was going on, but I was!

To begin, Cori palpated my heel to locate areas of tenderness. She found them and marked them with a pen. Again, I used the 'remote' to start and stop the treatment. Cori would direct the 'nose' of the Sonocur unit to each of the marked areas asking how it felt. Again, it sounded like a knife clinking and it felt as if something were just 'tapping' against a tender area. Cori would continue at that spot and move ever so slightly to the next area.

Sometimes one area was more sensitive than the last. Cori would visualize progress of the treatment on the ultrasound unit. As I understood Cori's explanation, there would be a sort of vibration that would be visible on the ultrasound. Too much intensity = increased vibration = undue discomfort. She would make adjustment. Cori adjusted the unit between intensity level 1 and 2. If you need further explanation about that...please direct your questions to Sunny! (smile)

The sensation, at the worst, was uncomfortable. But I flew all the way to Toronto and I was there for whatever I had to go through! Some areas I felt a little sensation. The next spot would be more sensitive. That would be an area that needed 'popping,' as I called it. The sensation would move in a bell curve. It would begin more intense, then level off, and then decrease significantly. Then it was time to move to the next spot.

The ESWT treatment acts to irritate the damaged fascia. The laser treatment acts to soothe irritated tissue. The whole purpose is to purposefully 'damage' the tissue which will initiate the body to go into 'healing mode.'

After Monday's treatment I had a nice lunch for my birthday! Thanks Cori and Sunny!! Then off I went to the CN Tower. It was cool. I walked to Union Station to catch the Go Train and return to the hotel. I was worn out, but my feet did not hurt. There was some tenderness during my walk to on the path to Union Station. But after getting off my feet I was fine.

This treatment is working and I am sure of it!