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large toe numbness

Posted by Dennis on 11/24/02 at 22:36 (101072)

For the last two monthes I've been experiencing numbnesss in the large toes of both feet. I'm wearing the correct size shoes and the numbness just appeared all of a sudden. I'm 32 years old 6' and 190lbs. I've had back problems since I was 18 (slipped disc in lower back). Could this be the sign of something serious? Please try to let me know any and all possibilities including any possible posionings that may be associated with toe numbness. Also is this a symptom of a serious impending condition?

Re: large toe numbness

Philip N. on 5/11/07 at 17:19 (229647)

I am 55 and both my large toes are numb, it seems mostly on the tips.
sometimes i get a shooting pain in my right toe. My back is fine but I do have some nerve discomfort in the area of my appendictomy. don't know if it is related.