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About the bike

Posted by Brian M on 11/27/02 at 05:25 (101236)

I remember seeing some discussion about recumbent vs upright exercise bikes some time ago. I was tempted at the time to post my idea on the subject but was not sure my idea was correct. I have recently purchased a pair of foottrainers and believe these, stopping weight bearing stretches, doing Julies stretches and having 3 low power ESWT sessions have finally turned the corner for my 18 months duration PF. Anyway getting back to the bike- I believe it is very important to cycle with pedal cleats and cleated cycling shoes. Cycling shoes have very stiff soles so don't allow the foot to flex much but the main advantage of cleats is that one can PULL UP on the pedals instead of pushing down and injuring the PF. I have been cycling with cleats for a year and trying to pull up with each stroke. It's not easy when road riding but should be a cinch on a stationery bike. This is the theory behind the foottrainer device -pulling up to strengthen the extensor muscles seems to be very important. On an exercise bike the cheapest cleated pedals and shoes should be O.K. They don't have to be high tech lightweights with you beaut releases. http://www.foottrainer.com is worth a look, especially the incorrect exercises for PF! Don't tighten the tension device too much, 80 to 90 rpm OF THE PEDALS is a good goal with sufficient tension to make you work at the level you want.