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Lump, PF, and heal spurs

Posted by April D on 11/27/02 at 15:47 (101269)

To who it may concern:

I used to run three times a week to keep in shape. When I became pregnant I could no longer excercise.(Complications with pregnancy). Toward the end of the pregnancy I started to develop heal pain that just kept getting worse. I had the baby in May and I could not run to get back into shape because it was too painful. I began walking and biking. That took the weight off but it did not take the pain away it actually got worse.Back in August I went to the doctor regarding heel pain. They discovered a lump on my heal along with a heal spur. An ultrasound revieled that the lump was not a true tumor, but fatty tissue that has broken down. The doctor initially gave me a steroid injection which relieved the pain for about one month. Since it is not considered true PF the insurance will not pay for zapping the foot to break-up the lump they will pay for surgery to remove the lump and spur, but I am not sure if this is the right direction I should be taking. Will a heal spur go away on its own? Someone told me that if you wait it out the spur will start to grow upward and there would not be anymore pain? Is the spur causing the lump in my foot or is that a seperate issue? Any info you could provide would be appreciated.