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pain across ridge of foot from ankle down toward toes

Posted by john a on 12/01/02 at 13:22 (101558)

in 1972 i had accident where ankle was dislocated and bone(s) broken.

it did not bother me much for years except for a twingle now and again.

Now i like to walk when golfing but all of a sudden this year i get pain after i am through playing.

it hurts the worst when i have my foot reclined. then when i try to stand, the pain becomes intense and i have stand with foot partially lifted and gingerly try to walk until the aching subsidees.

it this just arthritis or do i could i have a nerve problem?

there are other instances when i have foot stretched out when the pain condition appears unless it has been that way all night and then i see to have no problem in the morning.

i hope i have given you enough tot help analyze the problem. thanks.