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Something embedded in front of heel?

Posted by Andrue on 12/03/02 at 06:55 (101636)

Yet again I seem to have reached an impass in my recovery. I still have pain in front of both heels. I don't feel it when I'm standing barefoot because that part of my foot doesn't come under pressure but if I wear shoes that allow my heel to sink into the insole it can trigger pain.

The pain feels as if I have some sharp objects (like glass shards) embedded deep within the foot and the area affected is the complete front of my heel/base of arch.

Can anyone suggest what might be causing this and suggest ideas to help it recover? If I could reduce/remove this I would consider myself cured.

I also have a number of small (not visible) softish lumps along and around my inner arch. They are somewhat painful if pressed but generally not a problem. Are these fibroma? Will they go away eventually?