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Morton's Foot

Posted by Chcuk W. on 12/03/02 at 23:22 (101727)

It appears that I have what is referred to as Morton's foot. The pain is very predominate in my left hip, top of foot. When I get up early A.M. I have little pain. As my day wears on the pain gets worse. When I sit down the pain on top of my feet is really bad. My feet feel cold, I try to go to bed so I can go to sleep and not feel the pain. I take no pain medications. I have had two heart operations. I take medications for the heart. I checked out some books about the Morton's foot and the callus pattern on my foot match that of the picture in the article. They show a remedy using the molefoam and spenco 3/4 soft arch. My question is where can I get these items? I do where a Alszners Orthodic. It is not soft however, it is plyable plastic. The bump in the center lower did a great deal of help early on. That is befor I actually found out more about my foot, feet. The foot doctor I had went to Dr. Kershwein died. Thank you for any and all information concerning my problem.