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PF, Morton's Neuroma, Heel Spurs, TTS & bunions (have them all)

Posted by Amber M on 12/04/02 at 09:56 (101751)

In the three months I have been seeing my podiatrist I have been told I have Morton's neuroma, bunions, PF, TTS and heel spurs! I am 29 years old and can not believe how many problems I have with my feet! My foot troubles all started during my 3rd pregnancy almost 3 years ago and have just progressed! I was originally told I had PF and after having xrays and several ultrasounds was told I had additional problems and was JUST told I had TTS in the past week and am being sent for a nerve conduction study next week! What causes all these complications with your feet? Could this possibly be caused from something else (back problems, arthritis, etc..) My family is just in awe over all my foot problems and how suddenly it all came about!