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Please Help....Achilles Tendonitis problem

Posted by Peggy on 12/18/02 at 21:06 (103523)

I hope one of the docs can help me. I continuously get a popping sound in the right achilles tendon. My pod said I may have to go for physical therapy if it doesn't get better. He thought perhaps it's fluid build up. But the thing is, it is not swollen, or inflammed -- no pain -- it just pops every time I walk downstairs -- or every time I flex my foot. I may have had this for years thinking it was my ankle popping; only to realize now what it is. This popping sound is so frustrating. Some days it doesn't bother me at all. In the meantime, what over the counter medicine -- of any shall I use? I've used mineral ice, tiger balm, nothing seems to help long term though. I try to do some stretches too. Is this something that will continue to get worse? And on top of that, I'm wearing orthotics due to neuroma/metatarsalgia.