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walking on outer edge of foot

Posted by peajay on 12/30/02 at 12:35 (104295)

I know this is mainly a PF Board but I have a question that perhaps you could answer. I recently had surgery on my right foot,Discharge Diagnosis is this (R, Dwyer 1st MT Osteotomy Fascial Stripping). This was after approx 9 months of conservative treatments for foot and ankle pain. It was explained to me that the cause of my pain was because I walked on the outside edge of my foot. The procedures were to correct that so I will walk more normal. What I am noticing is similar pain now in my left foot. Is it common to have the same problem in both feet? I would certainly be interested in trying to correct this with an orthotic before it gets as bad as the first foot was as this was quite a painful surgery and the recovery is slow. We tried a number of things with my right foot but nothing really seemed to help. I am still in the cast from the surgery so I am not sure of the complete result although I am keeping a positive attitude. Any insight into this you can give me is truly appreciated. Thank you.