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heel spur

Posted by carole s wyble on 1/12/03 at 17:29 (105318)

This is a foot operation that I had done to remove a heel spur. I understand that this procedure is a rather old outdated way to do the operation that I had done. A deep and periosteal incision was created parallel to the lateral border of the achillies tendon and extending to the distal extent of its insertion. He inserted a 3.0mm Fastin bone anchor. The results of this surgery made me have corrective surgurey approximatelly l year later. I have had the scew removed, achillies tendon repaired in five places, bone chips removed and a nerve rotated to see if any feeling will come back to the outside of my right foot from my heel to my little toe. Was my first surgury procedure out of date and should it have been used? Thank you